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Injury Lawyers Perth is a leading Western Australian owned and operated injury law firm. We specialise in all injury claims and have extensive experience in catastrophic and fatal injury claims. We have been dealing with insurance companies for over 30 years and obtaining the maximum compensation for our clients.

We care for our clients and their families and give them our complete commitment. We listen to our clients and provide them with personalised service and regular clear communication. We have a psychologist with a rehabilitation background who works with our lawyers and clients to assist with the practicalities following an accident.

Our senior injury lawyers want you to focus on getting on with your life whilst we work hard to build up your claim. We prepare our clients’ claims thoroughly and negotiate aggressively for your rights to ensure you receive the highest possible compensation.
We handle claims from minor to catastrophic injuries including severe fractures, acquired brain/head injury, quadriplegia, paraplegia, loss of eye and limbs (amputations). A high proportion of our work involves representing families in fatal accident claims.

If you have made a claim for an injury in Western Australia which was partly or entirely the fault of someone else then we can help you obtain the best possible compensation. We offer you a FREE initial no obligation meeting at our office, your home or in hospital where you will receive a preliminary assessment of your claim from a senior injury lawyer. Our clients pay no up-front fees. Legal fees are deducted from the settlement after the successful completion of the claim.

  • I was involved in a life changing event when a car accident caused me to become a quadriplegic.  I was a passenger in a car which lost control when the driver was speeding.  I pleaded for him to slow down but he didn’t listen.  I wish he had.

    After months of rehabilitation and all the fighting to stay positive I thought I had no more fighting to do.  I was wrong.  I had to fight the insurance company.  They wanted to take 25% off my damages because they said I was not wearing a seatbelt as I was found outside of the car.  I was sure I had my seat belt on, but they didn’t believe me.  You believed me and went to great lengths to prove it.  The Insurance Commission didn’t believe me and so you advised we go to trial.  On the third day of my 9 day trial they finally believed me and after a lot of negotiations we agreed to a settlement of my claim.  I got 100% of the agreed damages because you continued to push the insurance company.  You didn’t stop fighting for me.

    Jeremy Baldock

  • A car accident in 2010 ended my childhood aspirations of competing at the Olympic Games for the sport of gymnastics.  Being an elite athlete having trained for so many years and sacrificing so much my world was turned upside down.

    It was disheartening knowing that I’d lost a career, sustained lifelong injuries and was constantly struggling to deal with my emotions, yet several solicitors before I met Peter knocked me back. They believed I didn’t have a strong enough case.

    No amount of money can replace what I’ve lost but I can’t thank Peter enough for what I received in the end. I was probably his most stubborn client, it was extremely difficult for me to go back to the accident but everything he did was in my best interests.

    I accepted a figure nearly triple what I was originally offered.

    Having changed sports and now a contender for the 2018 Winter Olympics it’s apparent that dreams don’t have expiry dates.

    The support of Peter and the rest of the team truly is above and beyond anything you could imagine.

    Ashley Cooney

  • From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and your staff for going above and beyond the call of duty.  Our lives were changed instantly when my husband was killed in a car crash.  I wasn’t capable of dealing with anything.  You made sure I didn’t have to. The legal service was sincere and I have always thought that you had our best interests at heart. That has made the pain, anxiety, stress and worry a little more bearable. Everyone was supportive and always there for anything we needed.  Thank you for organising for us to get payments to get us through.

    I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into our case.  I am overwhelmed with the financial result. It has eased my worries about our future.  I know that the children will be looked after.  We are forever grateful.


  • Peter’s specialist knowledge and professional experience resulted in myself and other adult siblings receiving a substantial third party insurance payout under the Fatal Accidents Act. This payout was for the loss resulting from the death of both our parents in a road traffic accident which was caused by another person’s dangerous driving.

    We had been told by two law firms, one a large national law firm, that we did not have a claim. It was only due to Peter’s knowledge of the law that he could identify the claim when a sibling who was involved in the accident, brought their own third party injury claim to Peter. Many thanks to Peter for all his work.

    Josh - Lawyer