Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or your loved one gets involved in an accident and end up suffering injuries then it could be very stressful and painful. You would need to look at a personal injury lawyer because he or she can reduce the stress by lodging or making a personal injury claim for compensation. The claim will…

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How To Avoid Double Demerit Points These Holidays

Double demerit points now apply for the Easter period Thursday 13 April to Monday 17 April 2017. Many people complain that the double demerit period is just revenue raising for the government. ¬†The fact is a high percentage of car accidents occur over the holidays as compared to non holiday periods. ¬†Statistics also show us…

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Serious Brain Injuries

If someone you love has suffered a serious brain injury it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. The shock of the accident combined with the uncertainty of the future can make it very hard to know what to do and who can help. Very often the period immediately after a serious brain injury is a period of…

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